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Fabric Testing Instruments

Product Image (025)

Traverse Thread Counter

Traversing thread counter: Like pick glass but improved instrument where the counting pin is moved by means of a handle. Can be used to count courses/inch and wales/inch.

Product Image (030)

Crease Recovery Tester

Price: 13800 - 15000 INR/Piece

Crease Recovery Tester, to determining recovery properties of fabrics by creasing in a loading device for a predetermined time using a weight suitable for the test method specified (BS/ISO/AATCC), after transferring the specimen to the clamp of the tester, the specimen is allowed to recover and the angle of recovery recorded.

Product Image (011)

Fabric Stiffness Tester

Price: 9800 - 12000 INR/Piece

Fabric Stiffness Tester is a practical equipment to determine the bending height, flexural rigidity and bending modulus of fabrics. This tester provides a quick and intuitive way to know the stiffness performance of all kinds of fabrics like woven, layered, napped, knitted, pile, and etc.

Product Image (KTS 024)

Beesely Balance

Price: 9000 - 12000 INR/Piece

The Beesley balance is specially designed to measure the count of a small piece of fabrics or a short length of yarn.

Product Image (ECB-500)

Precision GSM Balance

Price: 4800 to 7800 INR/Piece

To determine the GSM substance or determinate weight in grams of textiles as woven fabrics, fabrics, fleece, paper etc. or or to weigh chemical & samples

Product Image (KTS 001)

GSM Cutter

Price: 5,200 INR/Piece

To determine the GSM (g/m²) of any Fabrics, Paper fleece, knitted fabric, foil, packaging materials.

Product Image (KTS 028)

Button Snap Pullout Tester

Price: 68000 INR/Unit

o assess the snap attachment strength of button which is very important to design and manufacturer of garments of infants and children’s wearing

Product Image (KTS 001B)

Quick GSM Cutter

Price: 6800 INR
  • Machine Weight:13 Kilograms (kg)
  • Delivery Time:Depends on order Days
  • Supply Ability:As per order Per Month
Product Image (KTS 010)

Tearing Strength Tester

Price: 39000 INR/Piece

To Determines the Tearing Strength of fabrics, papers, plastic films or other similar materials is determined by measurement of the work done in tearing through a fixed length of the test specimen using of Elmendorf Tear Tester.

Product Image (KTS 004)

Colour Matching Cabinet

Price: 200000 - 1500000 INR/Piece
  • Supply Ability:As per order Per Month
  • Delivery Time:Depends on order Days